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November 10, 2006


You are, as ever, a horrible person.

Micah found some damned Halloween beer at trader joe's. Didn't he tell you about it?

And I once brewed a "Hooray, I'm terrible at brewing beer" Day beer.

It was terrible.

Micah only ever talks to me to demand that I help him carry food around.

Maybe Stella Artois could make a betel geuze.

Dogfish Head makes a pumpkin ale (called, I believe, "punkin"). I think that qualifies as Halloween beer, or, at least, seasonal-holiday-like.

And it tastes good.

This post was not actually a cry for Halloween beers.

Lots of brewers make pumpkin ales, M. Leblanc, and it's a good thing too. No need to demean the proud pumpkin ale by associating it with the crassness of Hallowe'en (or with Ben's).

I was going to say that there are plenty of October beers, and not all are for Halloween, either. Ever heard of Oktoberfest?

And really, aren't summer beers holiday beers? Summer is a three-month holiday, damnit. I heart summer.

I have a bottle of framboise in the fridge. Maybe I should drink it.

I thought we were going to talk about Christmas Ales, and how there should be Hannukah beers. There is, as I'm sure you know, already a He'Brew.

Yeah, I read an article about that when I was in 10th grade, actually. Some place was making Black & Tans with it and calling them Sammy Davis, Jr.s.

Betel is more of an African thing, really.

Wikipedia sez "Chewing betel nuts is an important and popular cultural activity in many Asian countries." and it's always right.

Except about chickens.

Yeah, but everyone already knows everything they might want to know about chickens (as is well known).

Betel certainly is (or used to be) a big thing in most parts of SEAsia I've been to. So I declare Ben's abominable pun to be anecdotally correct.

I'm pretty sure betel nut is illegal in the US. So that might interfere with our marketing plans. Betel leaves are easy to find and fun to cook with but I can only imagine them making beer taste nasty.

This post was not actually a proposal for a new beer.

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