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November 09, 2006


whatever it is that is currently unexperienced in the object intended to hatefully, we can be certain that it too is hateful.

I hate this assertion because it's bollocks, you know it's bollocks, and you used it anyway for its MacGuffin value. But I didn't come thereby to hate your entire argument (including, in particular, the part that follows the above) because it's pretty artful and entertaining all told.

If you have a pipe, I offer this comment that you might put it therein and proceed to related matters.

That it too is hateful to the currently hating one, or would be so considered, anyway. I'm not totally sure it's bollocks, though I suppose there's a myriad of counterexamples. (A potential response: well that's not real hatred or something.)

Above, "facets that are inexperienced" should really be "facets that are unexperienced".

I left a comment via livejournal, but I guess it doesn't get carried over to here.

So here's the comment I left via livejournal.

I hate you.

You are so beautiful to me, Shawn.

So which is better, Ben: Hate Specs or X-Ray?

X-Ray, all the way.

I wish I had one pair of each. I would put on the Hate Spex when I was about to yell at someone in public.

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