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December 26, 2006


Yeah, I don't get the egg thing.

I want to buy it.

But do you *get* it?

I don't get it either, but the scissors are cool.

My mother is the only person I have ever met who would have written the preceding sentence "this is a neato scissors"

Would she really? I mean, if there was only one pair on that page, I could understand that. But there are many pairs of scissors on that page, so referring to them as "this" would be somewhat strange.

You're right. I forgot about that. The point is, that when talking about a particular bifurcated cutting implement, she uses the singular.

It seems the pedant is playing the part of a general, brandishing a map, describing his plan for conquest of the egg.

Egg scissors were made obsolete by the Eierschneider.

You think he looks like a general, and the others like military men, ogged?

SB: some of us prefer old-fashioned craft.

Above, I was showing, for B's sake, how to "get" the egg scissors by adverting to their more familiar successor-implement. I said nothing at all about preferences, dear, sweet Benjamin.

I thought I'd find near the end of the list some of Claus Oldenburg's punchy scissors stuff (e. or g.). I think I'm forgetting somebody else's scissors that I'd like to suggest; I looked all over for some by Joseph Kosuth done in that triptych format, but maybe I made them up.

I don't get the egg thing either. But the Fairfield Museum scissors look like a preserved marine dinosaur (barnacle clad, long jawed, sturdy, curvy); I want to buy them.


They're imperialist Spaniards huddled around the egg of France, the yolk being Paris. Or musketeers?

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