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January 19, 2007


And why not Ben Wolfson at the Review? And why not?

For God's sake, something has to happen there.

Mark Danielewski wrote your irritating book already. It even features Croquemitaine. Okay, not really, but an abyss and the Minotaur.

It's quite a bad read.

Is that really how one reads House of Leaves? I've flipped through it and didn't see any gotos. It goes without saying, of course, that if I did this, it would be good.

A History of Bombing, not a novel, looks like it has a narrative structure like this, only with multiple routes.

I've had no luck with Danielewski, but Julio Cortázar was quite a bit ahead of him; Hopscotch came out in 1963. The description of its structure here is fine (you might want to skip the plot summary below if you're picky about spoilers). The paperback translation is apparently still in print.

Ah HA! That would explain why that Ben guy at Weiner's site suggested calling a book written according to such a method Hopscotch.

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