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January 28, 2007


Yeah, but that would be teleological.

Example. Everyone knows what a "novel" is, and everyone did back when people started writing them. Then, as now, people talked about what the essential elements were, and then, as now, people didn't agree. There are always exceptions that nonetheless "feel" like novels and are included in the genre.

Riddle me that, smarty.

Perhaps they meant "diet" in the sense of a deliberative body?

Dear Ben,

Speaking of burnishing a gloom... I was wondering if you might answer a question for me: what was the name of the non-complicated non-electric espresso maker that you recommended on Unfogged some time back?

I've searched the comment threads more than once but can't seem to find it. I'd like to share it with someone who loves the Bialetti Mokka Express but has gone through 2 of them already and should maybe try something else.

Would be very grateful for your help. Happy to reciprocate in German House music recommendations or any other way you prefer. You can email me at the address above or reply in comments, and I will find it. Thanks much.

any other way I prefer?

i am a generous soul. or, er, something.

thanks though.

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