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January 05, 2007


Probably much too late, but one hybrid approach that lets you keep filesystem operations while allowing for metadata is something like what Subversion does: keep each directory's files' data in a hidden file in the directory. Admittedly, this requires that you traverse the tree in an expensive way whenever you want to calculate something, but it makes it much easier to keep things in sync.

Though you would still have to take some steps to ensure that things stayed in sync. If, say, you renamed one file (or changed whatever it was that tied the data in the hidden file to it), you'd then have to update that too.

Fortunately, assuming they actually work, writing these little utility scripts has been pretty straightforward; only one of them's over 100 lines and most are around 50.

Or you could just use iTunes.


On linux?

All of the above have been finished and even moderately tested!

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