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July 27, 2007


Good explanation, thanks. The doubloons are in the mail.

(I think I understood that distinction to begin with -- and was just making trouble -- but could not put it into words. You and Stanley have helped in that regard.)

awkward pauses by their nature are shared, or at least experienced as shared

This seems true, but it isn't. I might experience a pause as awkward, while you might experience it merely as a pause, or even as a comfortable silence.

By the same token, even intimacy isn't necessarily shared; if you experience a comfortable silence as intimate, while I experience the same silence as awkward, neither of our experiences cancels the other one out. We are merely experiencing the same moment differently.

I grant that awkward pauses might not actually be shared, that's why I put "experienced as shared". I could back down from that, too, but it doesn't seem that implausible.

Try "often."

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