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August 25, 2007


Ouch! Did it cost you seven bucks? Seems a bit steep. Sounds tasty tho. How (to the best of your descriptive abilities) does on pronounce the name of that French range? I have wondered about it every time I've seen it written out.

It cost me eight.

I pronounce the French range like "Vozh"; that's a long "o" and the "zh" is the fricative in "asia". (Wikipedia informs me that it's called the voiced postalveolar fricative and is written like "ʒ".)

whole foods is pushing these like crazy here, and i think at six a pop. come to chicago.


Dear God almighty. Where can I find one of these treif delicacies? I can hardly wait.

I got mine at Bittersweet, but they do stock Vosges stuff at Whole Foods even if you're not in Chicago, apparently, though who knows if they're still cheaper out west.

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