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August 02, 2007


If I were Mark Helprin, I would re-write Winter's Tale so the horse was jet black and Peter Lake was a jazz musician. A book so written could fit with his ouvre quite well.


When I was in high school, an older kid in a math class of mine made fun of me for reading Winter's Tale, because of my edition's ridiculous cover. I tried to protest, but perhaps I deserved his scorn.

I remember vanishingly little about it.

You can remember the spelling because someone's works are the realization of some seed—something gamete-like, that is—held within them, the finished produced grown out of a potentiality, just the way a fertilized egg eventually grows into a mature mammal, and "oeuvre" is like a longer version of "oeuf". The two words even have a consonant in common, modulo voicedness. Unvoiced consonants become voiced when they grow up. Indeed, part of growing up is having a voice in civic proceedings and whatnot.

Unvoiced consonants become voiced when they grow up

Or they turn into fricatives -- it all depends on the quality of their upbringing. Parents, raise your young letters well!

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