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September 30, 2007


Free carrot! Score.

Given how careful McDowell is to hedge his claims whenever he mentions Heidegger in his responses to Dreyfus (if he's criticizing a position, he's not sure it's Heidegger's; if he's agreeing with a position, he only tentatively calls it Heidegger's), I suspect he might not have read Heidegger all that broadly. Dreyfus seems to abandon the claims about "animal cognition" after the APA address; "Return of the Myth of the Mental" and "Response to McDowell" are about baseball players and doorknobs more than animals. This is probably why the Heideggerian corpus doesn't get probed terribly deeply in this exchange.

Strangely, in footnote 52 of the APA address Dreyfus mentions the environment/world distinction only to dismiss it as not relevant to the question of perception. Apart from that, a search for "animal" in the PDF does show that Dreyfus doesn't attribute his animal arguments to Heidegger; in general he doesn't attribute them to anyone at all.

(hooray! I am a fine entity!)

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