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September 11, 2007


O hai. I would think that Kramer would not be able to look past Nerdrum's frequent invocations of Greenbergian kitsch when describing his own work specifically and the progress of painting broadly. It's hard to find things in Elkins's pamphlet because it's hard to find that pamphlet, but I don't recall the Rembrandt discussion, and now I want to know on what grounds he rejected this revival—I recall dimly something in the Observer along those lines.

It's not hard for me to find that pamphlet. It's right over there, to my left. Looks like it's to the right of Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music and to the left of The Relevance of the Beautiful (if I'm remembering the title right—I'm basing these judgements on the hard-to-make-out spines).

He doesn't say anything more specific than what I've reported about Kramer and Nerdrum. I don't know when the latter started talking about kitsch—was it constant throughout his career?

(I don't recall whether the discussion was actually about Rembrandt—I was speaking darkly, with allusions.)

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