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October 08, 2007


"Cole of the slaw" would be a closer fit. ("Do what Thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" being the original Law of Thelema).

Good post. I was not under the impression that Dennett required the "higher" stances to give enhanced predictive power under the "Game of Life" stance, or any stance other than the one currently adopted; I thought the point was that adopting (say) the intentional stance could allow you to predict a system's behavior with a higher degree of accuracy in a reasonable amount of time than if you'd not taken up the stance. But then you're right that this is still implausible in the case of a gigantic Conway Game of Life implementing a Turing machine implementing a chess program (twice), since nobody's going to have an easy go of moving from the giant Conway grid to our familiar 8x8 grid. (I may simply be remembering Dennnett wrong on whether enhanced predictive power has to be re-translatable into "Game of Life" terms; it's been a few months since I read Real Patterns/Pattern and Being. Good post either way.)

"Cole of the slaw" would be a closer fit.


He seems pretty explicitly to be saying that you can predict the future configurations of the Lifeworld based on the intentional stance.

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