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November 24, 2007


Archnemeses never know that they are such, because everyone considers himself likable and charming, and certainly not the sort to be identified as anyone's A-number-one hated foe. For about six months in the past year, I had a foe. I was telling my mother about him when she dispensed another droplet of motherly wisdom. She said: "Sometimes the people we hate the most are the people toward whom we actually feel the greatest attraction." She did not mean sexual attraction, of course. She meant magnetic pull, of a conceptual sort.

I would add that they also never know that they are such because one's importance in the mind one's arch nemesis is surely never as great as her/his importance in one's own mind. That is to say: the very structure of the arch nemesis relationship seems to require that you think about her/him more than s/he thinks about you.

Yes. The nemesis is not a rival.

The situation is a complex one and merits being thought upon.

Let us set to work on a Pamphlet immediately.

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