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November 18, 2007


True, EN's mellowed, but how could it have been otherwise? Frankly, I find them a model for how to grow old gracefully as a band once famous for its anger and revolutionary sounds (contra such obvious examples as Metallica or Guns n' Roses). Although recent tracks may be more "catchy" than early EN, they remain true to the original aesthetic: dream logic guides the organization of found sounds. If anything, the increased "popiness" of EN's tracks is a sign of increased skill at their chosen method of composition.

In fact it occurred to me that there are indeed foreshadowings of the new direction on Halber Mensch: "Letztes Biest" (that bit around "Halt mich fest!") and "Sand", a Hazlewood/Sinatra cover. Not to mention "Stella Maris".

Anyway, I didn't mean any of the above as a criticism of EN; I like the new album a lot. Just found it interesting.

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