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November 13, 2007


I solved that sucker in like, no time.

I have also solved it, and have proof:

Google confirms my sense that "channukah" is an infrequent spelling, and anyway I wouldn't recognize any solution at all using that font.

Du gehst fremd!!!


Birne: pear, but also (colloquial): head

matsch: mud

matschbirnig: feeling like your head is made of mud (or maybe: like there's mud in your head where a brain is supposed to be)

But if it makes you feel better, continue to read it as masturbating.

I figured it was something like that, and the only thing that prevented me from just finding straight up "Matschbirne" in the (online) dictionary I was using was a combination of the way it presents results and my being unobservant.

I still prefer my reading, of course.

And still he yearns to wear his crown of thorns.

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