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December 06, 2007


surely it should be "morning paper" ?

Yes, you're absolutely right.

"But if one is cursed with as fluent and readable a prose style as mine, one will have to write quite a lot in order to induce the required desire in the reader that I bloody well get on with it. "

This is the only comprehensible thing I've ever read on your blog. Although I attribute my inability to understand your blog to the fact that I'm not well read in philosophy and I don't know German. Really, I wonder why I read your blog day in and day out. But then again, I don't comment, because I don't know what to say in my dumbfounded silence. Someone once characterized your blog to me thusly: "Ah, young Wolfson. His blog, it makes no sense, but charmingly so."

I actually think your "mellifluous" voice is slightly "adenoidal," but I like it. I hear it when I read your blog. It's distinctive and comforting, really. I wouldn't mind listening to a story in it.

I hate my own voice, believing it to be too girlish sounding, or worse, child-like. SEK called it "clipped," but I don't know what that means.

Really, I wonder why I read your blog day in and day out.

I have an agreement with leading monitor manufacturers whereby I communicate to them the characteristic patterns of pixels that displaying these pages will involve, and they remotely update their monitors so that when they display those patterns, they also send along additional light pulses that cause crack to be synthesized directly in the visual cortex. It works for LCDs and CRTs.

Mmmm. Crack.

an shaggy dog story

I'm very pleased by this.

I have always stood by that timeless principle of software design: be strict in what you accept, lax in what you emit.

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