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December 08, 2007


eat, fuck, sleep - ?

The components of a choiceworthy life.

or reflexes dictated by choice

and choice is arbitrary

I'm cutting you off after this.

That is pretty ridiculous.

well, if there is no line in nature at all (how could it be a line if it were not hard and fast?), then it is not a misunderstanding. It would be a misunderstanding if there was a line in nature, but we failed to draw it where nature draws it...

I am assuming that we are trying to understand nature, and that by putting the hard and fast lines in at all, a mistake is being perpetrated.

Yes, perpetrated. Not made.

you sound so Quinean today! All this naturalist talk about wanting to understand nature, but then you get all whiny about drawing distinctions. True, distinctions are man-made, but hey: no distinctions, no understanding at all. It's just this terrible discursive intellect of ours, I suppose...

you sound so Quinean today!

Quinean/Nietzschean/Lichtenbergian, oh my.

This is why Funes the Memorious had so many problems, I suppose.

(I still believe that my reaction is not so ridiculous (perhaps if it's revealed that she's talking about action here? I think I do have a reasonably acceptable if nonsystematic understanding of what an action is—though it admits of hard cases—which would not really be aided by the introduction of hard and fast rules) but have been beaten down by grading.)

No, your reaction is not so ridiculous, rest assured. I just thought it would be fun to attempt to defend Korsgaard. Especially against a Romantic like you!

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