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March 12, 2008


Aren't we all oriented in life by the argumentative, however subliminal, force of philosophical arguments? There's some story about Kierkegaard, in some biography, about how, before offering them tea, he would stand his guests in front of a china cabinet and make them select a tea cup from the great variety of designs available, and then force them to explain why that choice and no other. Of course SK may have just been harassing his guests pointlessly. But if you had to choose, would you go to the Academy or to the Lyceum?

The Lyceum.

And why is that?

Because I like Aristotle?

Yes. He was cute.

hahaha. you have no idea how this entry made me laugh for like 5 minutes. a friend and I have had extensive (and quite sober) conversations about how the '/' in "either/or" means "or" again. So wouldn't it be "either or or"?

Also, I know pretty much nothing about Kierkegaard.

I think more exciting work in mathematics was done at the Academy, what with all the Pythagoreans there. Also, there were at least two chics at the Academy, and I don't know if there were any at the Lyceum.

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