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March 30, 2008



Haven't the foggiest what you're talking about, m'dear.

4. In a moment of octopoid surprise

Semi-deliberately with emotional ambivalence and tragic yearning or regret, partially obscuring a freshly-penned missive to a scorned loved one or ancient enemy.

My original intention, JP, was to write this post in the style of Lorrie Moore.

As I was not familiar with Ms. Moore*, it was lost on me, so it was a case of the "wit of brevity" before the cluelessly verbose. I merely took it as a challenge to postulate another way to spill ink.

*Prompted me to read a couple of items about her, and one article in the Times on Shakespeare by her; it concluded with: Add a dash — of Ogden Nash.

I've only read a few of her stories collected in Self Help; they're written in a fairly laconic, despairing second person. Save "missive" and the large-scale drama of "ancient enemy" and "scorned love one", your comment provide gristle for her mill.

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