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September 24, 2008


unless, perhaps, the recipient of a grant from meteorological institutes might count

Or maybe they are fellows who are employed as professional hailers -- town criers, or doormen.

Or maybe it was "true believers- and hail, fellows!- hoping to be well met." =p

I submat this post, partially rewritten and incorporating arthegall's (but not, Irene, your; I'm sorry) suggestion, as a letter to the editor.

I hope you don't mind, a.

I trust you'll post an update here, if your letter gets published...

Are you kidding? If it gets published I'ma blow this popsicle stand.

"blow this popsicle stand" s/b "bail out this over-leveraged popsicle stand that has become too big to fail."

you're way braver than me. i don't mess with the hail people, the rain people, or them what can call down fire from the heavens.

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