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October 13, 2008


Damnit Wolfson, I saw that little paragraph at the end sitting at the bottom of my screen, but I was good and didn't skip ahead to it. And then you go and write a post about shaggy dog stories that is not itself a shaggy dog story. Motherfucker. Maybe the lack of a shaggy dog ending is itself what constitutes this post's shaggy dog story-ness? Wolfson, you meta-level scoundrel.

The PhG sounds plausible. The Encyclopedia system just ends with a paragraph-long quotation from Aristotle, in Greek. Skipping to the end there really did not tell me much.

Shamefully, it didn't even occur to me to make this very post into a joke or shaggy-dog story.

I too was convinced that this post was a shaggy-dog story.

In fact, it was only Daniel's comment which convinced me that there wasn't a punchline in that final paragraph.

I paid Daniel to leave that comment. In fact, there is a punchline there, but it's very subtle. The average incubation time is three days. You'll know it's hit because your liver will be destroyed.

i miss the blogroll links, used to go to other places from here routinely

my routine is broken because the blogroll links are missing

Heck, if this counts, why not the Tractatus?

I couldn't say.

Though doesn't the structure of the Tractatus imply that you could just read propositions one through seven directly, if you were so inclined?

The punchline is the throw away the ladder line. He's led you through a sequence of specific logical steps, only to tell you none of it meant anything. Ergo: the middle was irrelevant. Plus, you're kept guessing cause if you skipped to the ladder line, you wouldn't know what the ladder was . . .

But the ladder is 6.54, not 7. If you just read props 1–7, you wouldn't even know there was a ladder you missed out on.

Hence my comment of 8:50 supra.

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