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November 09, 2008


Should I tell you if I've heard this one before?

I've seen this described as "endless theorizing about the empty set," but I can never remember by whom -- it remains, however, one of my favorite phrases.

You're Jewish, Wrongshore (aren't you?), of course you've heard it before.

Am I wrong to think that all along Socrates was merely trying to hint to Plato that *he* needed to take a shower?

Clearly one of them went down first and collected all the soot and dirt on his clothes and body, leaving a clean chimney for the second one.

See, that's what I thought, too, when I was recently told the joke (in its original form, in which, among other things, it's just dirty faces).

You have to admit it's a rare chimney-person pair where the former can so easily clean the latter, though.

I concluded I was being too analytic about it (look for the one about Felicia and Todd).

The chimney was in a newly-built house and had never been used, and thus contained no soot. The first man came out clean, as he was clean when he entered the chimney and picked up no dirt or soot along the course of his downward descent. The second man was Pigpen, he of Peanuts fame, all grown up now, perpetually dirty, and his descent through the chimney actually served to scrape some dirt off him, but not so much that he was not still dirty when he emerged.

Neither of the men took a shower, as the first man was clean, and Pigpen never showers.

Have you ever heard the sound of one hand slapping you?

I am far too much the gentleman ever to have been put in that situation.

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