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December 23, 2010


Verdi? Verdi?!?!?! How does any critic get off calling Verdi "naive"? These guys must have their heads pretty far up their asses . . .

I'm reminded of a great talk I once saw on Wittgenstein's On Certainty wherein the speaker imagined Witt's views on Moore and possible motivation for the work. He (the speaker, whose name escapes me), imagined Witt must have perceived Moore as a complete idiot (and, certainly, naive) (and this strikes me as extraordinarily plausible), but found himself compelled into thinking that Moore's response to the problem of skepticism was somehow deeply right. On Certainty was then set up as Witt's attempt to reconstruct the Moorian answer in a way he himself could be convinced by.

"Wenn ich der Evidenz nicht traue, warum soll ich dann irgend einer Evidenz trauen?"

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