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April 23, 2011


it's just a bunch of meat!

Nice story. Clicking through Bisson's site I learned that he had finished Walter Miller's Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman after Miller committed suicide (he was already engaged to finish it before that event). I had read the book and found it rather "meh", but did not recall the full story behind it.

The rest of the post just leaves me dizzy.

I hate to think that it's just now, a week later, that you recovered your faculties.

The arc of my internet browsing is long but it bends towards this place every now and then--particularly when more frequented venues are unavailable.

At some point between April 24th and May 1st it occurred to me that it was rather small-minded of me to show up and leave a comment that was only tangentially-related to a humorous aside within a parenthetical in an otherwise substantive post.

However, further to the SF/meat theme, one of the first science fiction stories that really piqued my interest was Poul Anderson's "Epilogue" (1962) which has "meat" humans confronting electromechanical "biosphere" on a future earth (evolved from automated and self-reproducing boats built to harvest minerals form the oceans). Story described rather clumsily in more detail here. I thought it pretty thoughtful for its time.

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